We're coming for your brain

Our puzzle is hard– and not for the weak of heart. If you like easy puzzles, you might just want to move right along...
We do plan on incorporating a hint system, but do you really want to beat a game that way!?

Fully Responsive Design

100 Routes

We currently have 100 routes to offer, which become a bit more difficult as you level up. (We start you out simple so that we can slowly steal your soul without you knowing it.)

Cross Browser Support

Ad Free

We do not want you to use any of your brain on ads when you could be using it to solve our puzzles. (Plus, you’ll need to use more than the 10% of your brain you normally use to solve them all– why waste any concentration on ads?!)

Secure & Valid Code

+1 to intelligence

You will get frustrated–you are not the first and you will not be the last. But if you love a challenge, you won’t regret this "free" investment in your brain. There will be times you think there’s no route available, but trust us– all the puzzles have a solution!

What You Get

We all love getting stuff. Especially free stuff.

Easy to Customizable


Can you beat all 100 current routes before we add 100 more?! Race your friends, family, and coworkers to see who can get there first!

Search Engine Optimized


So you think you're a super-fast Routes whiz? Pretty soon we'll have timers– and you'll have access to leaderboards and times competitions!

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Includes Custom Widgets


We love games. We don't love games with ads. So we promise not to distract you with any! (Don't tell us we never gave you anything.)

Secure & Valid Code


Can't get through a route? (Sucker–we gotcha!) Just kidding...there's a way through! We're working hard to add hints so you don't throw your phone out a window.

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Times Download

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Some people are just born to puzzle!

We love our users! Check out what they're saying about us!

"I love this app. Food for the brain. No ads. I hope you guys keep it ad free. We need more boards now to play with. I am waiting for you to post new boards."


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"A simple design belies a compex game. The easier early levels allow you to ease into the later mind bending puzzles. While difficult at times, I never reached a point of frustration. More, please..."


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"If you're a computer scientists or took a basic computer programming course, chances are you're familiar with the Traveling Salesman problem. You have to travel to all cities on a set of predefined routes, each route having a cost. The object is to visit all the cities producing the lowest cost. Routes is a puzzle game that brings this problem to life! Many challenging levels to solve. You can brute force it until you find the cheapest route or try to solve each puzzle logically. Either way, the game is both fun and addicting!!"


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"This app is an awesome. Great design and fun to use!"


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"This is a fun game that's easy to pick up, start to play, set down, and come back to over and over. The levels increase in complexity and are fairly challenging. It's a good app if you like solving brain puzzles, and have a few minutes to spare. Looking forward to how this app evolves and see how the levels evolve. I'd love to see how fast I was able to solve each level, maybe have leaderboards with friends? Anyways, fun app. Well designed."


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"Nice to have a Puzzle that is both fun to play and also challenges the brain. The levels are nice when you really want to up your game! It would be good to have some instructions or How To Play, took me a few boards to understand exactly how it works."


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Plus, we're nice to look at.

Can you handle our brain puzzle?

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